May Benefit Dinner – Fun Fabulous Fundraiser!

Every year our Benefit Dinner is a reunion for our special group of friends, family and community who come to re-unite and celebrate life lived and life remembered.

So many came up to me after the dinner to tell me how much they look forward to this event… every year.

Thank you Thank you for the over 40 supporters who attended our 8th Annual Benefit Dinner!! Adults and kids alike walked out with one (or more!) of our Raffle Baskets and Silent Auction prizes. Our High Rolling – Raffle Ticket pulling friends pushed our donations over the $1500 mark, which for our little grass-roots organization is LARGE !!

Owner of La Chiquita, Sammy Montoya, and family, served up his always enchanting enchilada plates that we just can’t get enough of… and master bartender Jim LoSasso whipped up his righteous Margaritas to kick off our festivities.

Tony loved a party.  The more the merrier, strangers welcome, friends expected and surprise guests just brought more to love.  Our group on May 18 brought each of those, in support of the Treehouse which continues to pursue current projects along with new endeavors.  More about the new ventures to follow….

Thanks for everything, especially your friendship,


[singlepic=56,320,240,,] Owner of La Chiquita Restaurant of Santa Ana, Sammy Montoya (and family) awarded a plaque in appreciation for his continued support of Tony’s Treehouse and being the host of our annual Benefit Dinner.

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