Adopt-A-Family Holiday Event : Sign up Today!

It’s that wonderful time of the year! MAKE THE HOLIDAYS MEANINGFUL, “Adopt” a local family for the holidays! You can donate gift cards, dollars, or get hands on with your own shopping, wrapping and delivery. SIGN UP DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 8 2022. For more info or to sign up for your Family please email :

There are volunteer opportunities for one and all!

Much gratitude to Henry Zarate & Family for their Christmas tree dono and delivery to one of our families!

We are the Grass in Grass Roots! Thanks to all who support our Good Works.

2 thoughts on “Adopt-A-Family Holiday Event : Sign up Today!

  1. Adina Smith

    Hi is it to late to sign up to get adopted for Christmas? My daughter and her 2 babies really need help this year. We have a tree but nothing to go under it this year. Mom us single mom lost 2 jobs and unemployment ran out. Looking for job now. They moved in with me and I’m on disability so after paying rent and bills nothing much is leftover.

    1. Admin

      Hi Adina thank you for reaching out, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Yes, we can fit you in our program. Could we communicate on email? I’ll be asking for your individual Wish Lists, ages, sizes, likes, all that good stuff. Please lmk what area you live in, and we’ll go from there! My email address is blessings to you!

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