Treehouse gives to Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club

Thank you to all volunteers and contributors participating in our May “Hearts for Hope” Benefit Fundraiser.  As a result of this event, we are able to dedicate a portion of the proceeds to the “Tony’s Scholarship Fund” of Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club .  This scholarship is newly established to enable the less fortunate children of the Club to attend the special field trips or camping trips that the Club offers.


Please join us July 20, 7:15 pm, to present the Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club with our first gift to ‘Tony’s Scholarship Fund’.


My experience with this Club:


The Laguna Boys & Girls Club provided a safe ,fun after school activity for Danny and Tony. Working full time and parenting has its challenges and the CLUB was there for me during times needed so I could work and provide for my family. As with the large majority of single parents, finances were tight and the CLUB assisted me with a scholarship.  That was a huge help for me… but the boys missed many of the field trips since ‘extras’ were not exactly in the budget.

Now the Treehouse is Giving Back. Through the Scholarship Fund we will help fund special field trips and Summer Camp which would ordinarily be out of reach due to family financial struggles.

Thanks for all you do!   Becky

10th Annual Benefit Event: Tivoli Too! Laguna Beach

Our first year in this very beautiful venue…. specacular!!  With over 35 Raffle and Auction items our guests went away with some fabulous prize.  Many members of the community were in attendance along with our core faithful group that has been there over the last 10 years.  Our special speakers were Paul Leon, Steve Edmondson and an 18 year old young man named AJ who, along with his mom, have recently graduated from the Illumination Foundation organization.  They were living in their car for many months prior to becoming involved in the Illumination Foundation – one of the charity groups supported by the Treehouse.   AJ and mom were able to obtain temporary housing through “IF”, work and save enough money to move into their own home.  AJ is now the Student Body President of this local high school.

The benefactors of our fundraising are as follows… “Tony’s Scholarship Fund” of the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna.  You can read more about that in the ‘Boy’s and Girls Club’ recent posting.   The Treehouse will also be supporting the Laguna Resource Center and Illumination Foundation annual Adopt A Family Event during the upcoming holidays.  Please enjoy our pictures!

Volunteers make 150 handmade wooden plaques for Benefit Event


The Treehouse volunteers wanted to make a gift for each of the Benefit Event guests to take home – to remember this special fundraiser and the reason behind it.   Starting with 150 bare pieces of 2×4 we proceeded to sand, stain and decorate these plain pieces of wood and came up with amazing creations:

Special thanks to Anthony VanMeter, Tom Ely, Ana Nevarez, Ria Wilson, Jamie DeLuna, Sue Bottassi, Sharon Irvin, and Leah Haley for all their hard work and dedictation to finish this project!