Charlotte Baerst Memorial 2010

Charlotte Baerst was one of my dearest friends.  Our relationship spanned from 1967 until her passing on June 29, 2010.

 I met Charlotte when I was 5 years old.  She was a key influential person in my life.  My mom and I moved from San Antonio, TX to Anaheim, CA and were lucky to settle in the home across the street from the Baerst Family.  Charlotte adopted me as her own and faithfully included me in family events, holidays and happenings.   After high school, college, marriage and many moves in between, she and I consistently remained connected thru letters, phone calls, birthday parties and visits.  She never missed a birthday wish for myself or my boys and how they loved going to her home.  They would swim in her sparkling pool, and she would fix her traditional hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for them.


Charlotte was present for each of my life events.  From the happiest  –  the birth of my boys to the most devastating, when my youngest son was killed.  After Tony’s death, Charlotte along with my many friends and family, honored his short 9 year life by being involved in the living memorial established to celebrate his spirit of generosity and giving.  Since 1999, she traveled with us to the Casa Hogar De Los Ninos, in Tijuana, Mexico several times a year.  Not only did she work with the group to transport food and clothing,  create crafts with the kids,  but she was our key interpreter.  Over the last 10 years she has attended every charity event, fundraiser, bike collection, food drive in which she was physically able.


She was a constant – her ever present support of our organization was seen by all volunteers and participants within the Treehouse.  Charlotte made many friends and they all looked forward to seeing her at the next function.   From the founding of our organization December 23, 1999 until the day she departed, her involvement and support of Tony’s living memorial was continuous.


In tribute of Charlotte and all the time and love she gave to our cause, we have a special “In Memory of Charlotte” fund in which you may send a gift in her honor.


Also, if you would like to visit the online memorial for Charlotte and write a short message to the family, please click on the following link:


 I will always have Charlotte close in my heart and hold tight he many memories of everything she shared and taught me.  I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures throughout the years.

Becky Martinez, July 11, 2010

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