In Honor of my Mom, Syble M. LoSasso

Mom. My wedding day 8.3.1985My Mom passed away on January 14, 2016.   She was with her family, peaceful, pain free and in her beautiful living room where the lighted Christmas tree still remained, awaiting her return home from the hospital.  She was only home two days before she transitioned.

The life lessons Mom taught me are difficult to put into words,  because so much of what I learned was through her actions.   All who knew her understood she was a lady of few words.   And the words I heard consistently were ‘I love you’.

Through Mom, I learned that the most important thing to “have” is Peace Of Mind.   If one obtains that, it’s really all that matters.

A few of the qualities I deeply admired about my Mom:

Unconditional Provider *  Quiet Strength  *  Compassionate Friend *  Devoted Supportive Mom  * Silent Generosity  *  Deeply Perceptive  *  Gentle Mother In Law  *  Loving Grandma * Committed Employee  *  Beloved Co-Worker *  Loyal Daughter  *  Dedicated Faithful Partner  *

Moms beauty and grace, class and quiet sophistication were ever present.

Mom, you will be forever missed.


1997  at home of Charlotte Baerst
Mom and Danny 1989. First Grandbaby
First Grandson, Big Love.  Danny and Mom 1989
Four Generations 2012  : Danny, 24, Becky, 50, Mom 80, Grandma Nita 95
2012    Jim, Danny, Mom at their home in Kerrville, Texas
Phils Graduation
2000    Phil’s High School Graduation        Becky, Mom, Phil, Jim
2012 Celebrating Mama Nita’s 99th birthday!                                        Danny, Becky, Mom, Sue, Nita and Jim





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