Meet Briann of HERE WE GROW gardens, our 1st JETTE FORWARD recipient!

Spring of 2020, Briann Battle began growing her own vegetables, fruit, herbs, which quickly turned into “Here We Grow” Gardens. It wasn’t long before she earned an invitation to the Farmers Pop-Up at Prosperity Market, Los Angeles.


Briann is bringing this labor of love FULL CIRCLE. Monthly Bri sets up her market booth with Prosperity Market in the areas that serve her UNDERSERVED community and she is giving back in LARGE CAPACITY, participating in produce Give-Aways at inner-city Los Angeles locations. Despite the cities vast wealth, 1 in 8 people in Los Angeles have said they can’t find fresh produce in their neighborhoods, and 1 in 5 can’t afford it. TOGETHER, WITH BRIANN, WE CAN CREATE REAL AND *LASTING* CHANGE by getting fresh produce to these communities, which equals better health, mental and physical.

And this is only the beginning… the JETTE FORWARD initiative will highlight selected individuals to be gifted financial assistance.

See how you’re helping their dream TAKE FLIGHT!

Bri is raising her boys to grow their food, harvest seeds, maintain the garden and FEED THEIR FAMILY. STAY TUNED FOR HER PERSONAL STORY, you won’t want to miss it.

At the Farmers Markets, Bri is known for her organic fresh squeezed lemonade.
BossMan, RJ managing the family market booth.
PS He’s 12 and oldest of Briann’s 5 boys.

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